Introducing Chiang Mai Street Jazz 2023

The enchanting city of Chiang Mai, known for its rich cultural heritage, is about to resonate with a vibrant symphony of jazz. This year’s “Chiangmai Street Jazz & Heritage 2023: Sound Of The City: Grooving To the Diversity” festival is a gathering of sounds, cultures, and emotions, painting a canvas of diversity through the medium of music. From November 25th to December 3rd, the streets of Chiang Mai will be alive with jazz, education, and community spirit.

Three Beautiful Themes

The festival orchestrates three inspiring themes that echo through every note, rhythm, and performance:

Revitalizing the Streets with Music: The festival aims to breathe life into the city streets, transforming them into stages where music is not just performed but lived. It encourages community-based performances, inviting local talents to shine, thereby nurturing a local ecosystem of musicians, performers, and artists.

Promoting Music as a Learning Tool: With workshops designed for both the young and the elderly, the festival transcends boundaries of age and education. It’s a beautiful fusion of learning and entertainment, where attendees can indulge in the joy of music while gaining valuable insights and skills.

Valuing Every Note of Culture: The ‘Mahoree stage’, a new addition to the festival, celebrates the local music, indigenous communities, and the spirit of culture. It recognizes the role of music as a unifier, bridging gaps, and fostering a sense of community that transcends all differences.

A Journey Through Time

The Chiang Mai Street Jazz Festival has grown in stature, meaning, and relevance over the past five years. It’s not merely an event but an embodiment of Chiang Mai’s essence, reflecting the international character of the city.

A Community’s Celebration

This is a festival that belongs to the people, for the people. It’s a manifestation of the dreams, aspirations, and traditions that coalesce into a melody that is uniquely Chiang Mai. From children to refugees, musicians to enthusiasts, everyone has a role in this grand symphony.

Music and Education

The integration of music with education is one of the festival’s cornerstones. A variety of workshops and learning sessions will be organized throughout the week, offering an engaging and enjoyable way to learn new skills, appreciate music on a deeper level, and connect with fellow music lovers.

The Mahoree Stage

A stage that resonates with the spirit of Chiang Mai. The Mahoree stage will be a focal point of the festival, dedicated to showcasing local and indigenous talents. It’s a stage that celebrates the roots, honors the heritage, and invites everyone to embrace the rich cultural mosaic of the city.

Grooving to the Diversity

In a world where differences often divide, the Chiangmai Street Jazz & Heritage 2023 festival seeks to unite. It’s a celebration of diversity, a dance where every step is a testament to tolerance, understanding, and love. The rhythm of jazz transcends barriers, creating a language that everyone speaks, feels, and enjoys.

The Impact on the City

The festival doesn’t just add to the city’s cultural calendar; it contributes to the heartbeat of Chiang Mai. The streets will be filled with music, the air will be filled with excitement, and the city will be imbued with a spirit of unity and joy.

An Invitation to Dream

Dreams have no boundaries, and the festival invites everyone to dream of a future where everyone moves to the same rhythm, celebrating the unique pace of life in Chiang Mai. It’s a vision that transcends music, reflecting a philosophy that reverberates with empathy, community, and creativity.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

From November 25th to December 3rd, the invitation is open. The Chiangmai Street Jazz & Heritage 2023 festival invites everyone, not just to attend but to be part of a movement, a wave of positive energy that ripples through the city and beyond.


The Chiangmai Street Jazz & Heritage 2023 festival is more than a musical event; it’s a statement, a painting, a story, and a dance. It’s the melody of Chiang Mai, a song that invites everyone to sing along. Come, be part of this celebration. Experience the sounds, rhythms, and the heart of a city that is ever vibrant, ever inspiring, and ever beautiful.


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